Hi, and welcome to my virtual home!

My name is Beth Lennon and I am the founder of #beautydrama!
I am 36 years old, an A.R.T winner and Emily's mum (2)!
I am a
qualified beautician, reflexologist, make-up artist, and massage therapist and have been in the industry for the past 18 years.

I closed my salon 3 years ago and since then I have been working Online as a Beauty consultant and partner in direct sales with Enhanzz Global from home using social media!

You are probably asking yourself "HOW?", but I can assure you, in the past 2 years, work has tripled!
Due to the pandemic, so many women have been looking for extra income, an alternative way to look after themselves, to find information, and seek professional advice. Social media has turned out not only that, but a FUN & FAST way to build a business and earn money from home!

Today I am very fortunate to be able to run my business from wherever I am, from home or even travelling and it comes down to three things:

     > PROFESSIONAL ADVICE - on how to build an online business and help people like myself approach a new way of supporting and finding new clients worldwide!

     > SOLUTIONS - skincare solutions but I also share my story to help people find financial freedom and share a possibility that is open to everyone!

     > PRODUCTS - I sponsor high-quality products that I personally test to help improve Skincare conditions and also overall well-being.


My mission, My brand!

This here is #beautydrama!

Now, the world of social media is a jungle, and the best way to stand out and make a difference is to be yourself, give value, be constant and distinguish yourself from your competitors by having your very own brand!

Social media are constantly evolving and the algorithm is changing frequently, that's why studying is a big part of my job, and working on social media is not as easy as it seems!

That is why the wonderful women in my team have helped me create specific training tools to help ANYONE interested in approaching working online possible.

Really! You don't need any experience, you can work part-time, full-time, whenever and however it suits you, all you need to do is train, be dedicated and have fun!

You will have the support and guidance of people "who know" what it was like at the beginning and that will know exactly how to help you jump start your business by teaching you these three things!

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Learn how to work and promote yourself on Social Media



Create your own brand and position yourself in the correct place



Learn an online strategy and build a business from 0

What now?!
Choose the option that fits you best!


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