Post Pregnancy Skincare

Post-partum is a truly unique period: new responsibilities, new emotions, and new experiences to manage in a routine that is completely revolutionized!

If you feel the need to take some time for yourself, and skincare becomes a relaxing moment and a way to unwind then this is the place! If on the contrary it becomes a duty then forget about it and dedicate yourself to what makes you feel good because your well-being and that of your child comes before anything else!

That said, here are some skin tips for new mothers! Obviously, post-pregnancy is also always subjective, the important thing is to identify the type of skin/blemish and the skincare needed!

- Dry skin: Nutrition and hydration can definitely help, as well as mild cleansers and a good moisturizer. If you need any advice on what type of cosmetic or skincare to apply, get in touch

- Acne outbreaks: it is one of the most frequent conditions caused by hormones but, if treated with care, will gradually disappear. It is necessary to pay attention to the creams and detergents that are going to be applied.

- Gravidic Mask: local hyperpigmentation that manifests in dark spots on the face. In this case, they can be treated and improved with lightening creams, like my night cream EAZE but to make them disappear completely it is always better to talk to your trusted dermatologist.

‼️Prevent with UVA-UVB sunscreen!

- Always pay close attention to INCI and the ingredients of the products you are going to apply to your skin, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding! Whatever the blemish that worries you, have patience and understanding towards yourself and your body: you have performed a great miracle!

💖 There is a remedy for everything!

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